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Contrats types

The FPPL provides its members with model contracts that they can use and adapt for their project or their clients.

Legal and tax advice

Working closely with the Fédération des Artisans, the FPPL provides its members with legal and tax advice.

Professional photographer card FPPL

Each member will get a professional card that proves their affiliation to the FPPL and that they are a professional photographer. The card also offers advantages with our partners.

Job market

Announcements, calls for projects and job offers will be shared regularly with FPPL members.

Common projects

Operating as a community, members share projects and call on other members to carry out joint projects.


The FPPL is committed to finding the best deals from local insurers and shares information with its members.

Second-hand equipment markets

Members can resell their material and launch appeals or searches via the FPPL platform.

Devenir membre

The Federation brings together all professional photographers in Luxembourg, whether they are freelancers, students or company employees.
Its mission is to revitalise the profession in Luxembourg and to represent its members and their interests to national and international institutions. Become a member today!